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Kawasaki House

A PG in South Camus will never be more than a PG. But Kawasaki House by Stanza Living will never be less than a second home.

Because, just like back at home, this fully-furnished residence for gents, like all our PG near GTB Nagar, North Campus, and Satya Niketan, has all the comforts you’re used to. Housekeeping (so your room’s always neat and clean), high-speed wifi (so your streaming is uninterrupted), curated meals (so you never miss home-cooked food), and many more such thoughtfully-selected amenities for Students & Working Professionals like you.

The comforts don’t end there, however. Tech integrations, like the Stanza Living – Resident App, machine learning, biometric security, and more, take boring, everyday tasks to the online world and create an effortless living experience.

Along with technology, we’re also fans of real-world bonding. Our regular community events and workshops are tailor-made to bring together you and your co-residents so that you become one big, happy Stanza Living family. Another standard across all our houses near Mukherjee Nagar and Laxmi Nagar, but you won’t find it in any other PG Hostel.

Speaking of family, we’re implementing every safety measure in the book – from regular sanitization to thermal monitoring – to protect you from COVID-19. Because that’s what a family does.

Now, this feeling of comfort, modernity, and belonging is what makes Kawasaki House a cut above any gents PG with AC in Delhi. But to see it truly come alive, drop by and see for yourself, what makes your second home your second home.

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